Certified Service at Cavender Buick GMC West

Every seems to have a demanding schedule these days. The last thing anyone wants to do is be delayed by having to bring their vehicle in for service. The Cavender Buick GMC West Service Department promises to get all need service and repair work done as quickly as possible. GMC vehicles are precision built for people that demand the best from their tools. With so much riding on the wheels of a GMC vehicle it only makes sense to bring it to the factory-trained experts at Cavender Buick GMC West.

GMC Service Offers

It can’t be overstated that the best way to ensure a vehicle continues to run in peak condition for as long as possible is to have it in a certified GMC service facility like the one at Cavender Buick GMC West. In order to help customers save some money on the work they need completed, GMC will issue coupons and rebates that can be printed and taken to the service counter to be redeemed.

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Maintain your GMC Vehicle

A plan for the maintenance of every GMC vehicle is laid out in each vehicle’s owner’s manual. Following scheduled maintenance routines are the best way to keep a vehicle running in peak condition. Better yet, GMC vehicles covered by GMC Pro Grade Protection can be eligible for complimentary service appointment.

*GMC Pro Grade Protection includes scheduled maintenance services for every GMC vehicle purchased or leased start with the 2014 model-year and after for two years or 24,000, whichever occurs first

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Auto Parts & Repair

One of the most important guarantees we can make at Cavender Buick GMC West is that every service appointment and repair job will be completed with factory-approved parts. GMC vehicles are among the best in each respective class of the automotive industry by coming from the factory with theses OEM parts. There is no reason to change that formula. Many parts are backed by a GMC limited lifetime parts warranty.

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Tire Service

It is very important to make sure the tires on any vehicle are the proper size and properly inflated. When it comes time to put some new tires on a GMC vehicle, customers would be wise to visit the experts at the Cavender Buick GMC West Service Department. We carry the world’s top tire manufacturers and can help find the best tire available for each GMC model.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years GMC has compiled a list of of the most commonly asked questions of service departments from all over the country. In order to be a primary source of information, those frequently asked questions have been compiled into a single location to be accessed at any time.

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GMC Owner Center

When a customer needs information, they shouldn’t have to be beholden to a clock or business hours. A GMC owner can find out just about anything they may need by looking at the online GMC Owner’s Center. Better yet, this tool can be used 24 hours a day.

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Certified GMC Tire Service

It is very easy to forget about the importance of tires until a flat occurs. Each of the four tires on a vehicle is an important part of how the vehicle handles everything from rough roads to stopping in an appropriate distance. Today’s modern tires are better than ever, however they still must be checked for proper pressure and unexpected damage occasionally.

You will need a new tire when:

  • Three or more indicators can be seen around the tire.
  • The metal belt, pieces of cord or fabric is showing through the rubber.
  • Cracks appear in the sidewall or tread that show cord or fabric.
  • There is a bulge or split in the tire.
  • The tire continuously leaks air, even after a proper patch has been applied.

Finding the proper GMC Tires

As one of the premier certified GMC service facilities in the area, Cavender Buick GMC West only stocks and sells the top brands of tires from the best manufacturers. Among the names we deal with are BFGoodrich, Bridgestone, Continental, Dunlop and Firestone. A tire specialist from the Cavender Buick GMC West Service Department will be able to help a customer find the best possible tire to fit their needs as well as their budgets.

Scheduling an appointment to get new tires is easier than ever with Cavender Buick GMC West. A customer simply needs to click on the “Schedule Service” menu at the top of the page and fill out the form. Once the our service team has received the request, they will contact the customer to confirm the appointment.


Tire air pressure

Every tire on every vehicle has a certain level of pressure that must be maintained in order to function properly. A tire works to keep grip with the road to propel a vehicle as well as help it stop. A tire with too little or too much air can act unpredictably. Even without a puncture, a tire’s pressure can change due to outside environmental factors

The outside temperature can cause the air inside of a tire to expand and contract with its changes. On average, a tire will gain or lose as much as one psi with every 10 degree rise or fall in ambient temperature. Depending on the climate where the tires lives most of the time, this can have serious consequences for the life of a tire

Problems with underinflated tires:

  • Lower lifespan or odd wear patterns
  • Difficult handling.
  • Lost fuel-economy.

Problems with overinflated tires:

  • Odd wear patterns.
  • Increased stopping distance.
  • Again, reduction in fuel-economy.


Monitoring tire pressure

The required tire pressure of each GMC vehicle is printed in the owner’s manual as well as on a tag on the inside of the driver’s door. Even with modern technology available, it is advised that a vehicle owner checks the pressure of each tire with a regular tire gauge. This is still the most accurate way to monitor tire pressure. Also the status of the spare tire should be routinely checked.

Tire pressure monitoring systems

Most of the GMC vehicles sold in the last few years come with tire pressure monitors. This is an easy way to check the pressure of each tire from inside of the vehicle. However, even with the cutting edge technology, owners are still advised to use the tried and true method of using a standard tire gauge.

Rotating tires

Having the tires on a vehicle rotated isn’t some internet lifehack that was a secret up until now. It is a crucial part of a vehicle’s overall maintenance plan. Because of a huge list of reasons, tires on the same vehicle will wear out in different places and at different rates. In order to get the most out of a set of tires, they must be rotated according the manufacturer’s specifications and reinflated or deflated to the proper pressure for each position on the vehicle.

Tire Alignment

One of the quickest ways to decrease the lifespan of a set of tires is to drive around with the wheels being out of alignment. When a vehicle needs realignment, it means that the suspension and steering system are out of sync. This will cause the vehicle to pull to one side or another without significant pressure from the steering wheel.

A Cavender Buick GMC West service technician can determine if a vehicle needs front, rear or all four wheels aligned, per the manufacturer’s specifications.


GMC Maintenance Schedule

The GMC Maintenance Schedule laid out in each vehicle’s owner’s manual shows the best way to keep a vehicle running in peak condition. Depending on the mileage accrued on the vehicle will dictate what work the service technicians at Cavender Buick GMC West will perform. Because of how modern vehicles are largely computers with wheels and engines attached, the service departments at all Cavender dealerships use the latest equipment to aid in diagnosing problems as well as only use factory approved parts. Certain GMC Vehicles sold after 2014 may be eligible for GMC Pro Grade Protection.

What is GMC Pro Grade Protection?

GMC Pro Grade Protection is one of the most comprehensive warranty programs in the automotive industry. This warranty is how GMC stands behind its products and guarantees they among the best in the industry. Customers with eligible vehicles will get items like complimentary scheduled maintenance, a 27-point inspection with each visit to check all important vehicle systems. Additionally, services like loaner cars and 24-hour roadside assistance are also available.

GMC Oil Changes

Keeping fresh oil in the engine of every GMC vehicle is critical to the proper function of the entire vehicle. Going too long without and oil change can cause the oil to become contaminated which will cause catastrophic and expensive damage to the engine and its intricate components. Oil changes are the most basic service task performed by the service department at Cavender Buick GMC West, although it is one of the most important. Regular service appointments can help our experts spot small problems before they grow out of control.

Engine oil life system

Modern automotive technology allows for many GMC vehicles to monitor themselves and alert the owner when service is needed. This is called the Engine Oil Life System (OLS). Even if the owner or driver of the properly equipped GMC vehicle is forgetful about getting an oil change, the OLS is always ready to remind someone that its time to make appointment at Cavender Buick GMC West.

When the oil change is complete, the OLS will be reset by a service technician at the dealership. However, there is a way for the home-based mechanic to reset the OLS. Simply refer to the vehicle’s owner’s manual.


Checking the oil of a GMC vehicle

Given the increased reliability and capability of GMC engines, there really isn’t much of a need to do much with them. However, considering how important the oil level is to the proper operation of the vehicle it still should be checked manually with the dipstick. The best practice for checking the oil manually is laid out in the vehicle’s owner’s manual.

Maintaining GMC Brakes

Being able to stop at will is the most important function a vehicle must perform every time the brake pedal is engaged. This leads to the critical nature of the braking system on every GMC vehicles sold or leased at Cavender Buick GMC West. Modern brakes are designed in such a way that they will let the driver know when there is a problem. When those signs appear it is time to take the vehicle for GMC brake service at Cavender Buick GMC West, using factory-approved parts and components.

How do I know if I need brake service?

Whistling or chirping sounds are a definitive sign that something with the braking system needs to be looked at. There is a metal strip on the brake rotors that will emit a very unique and recognizable sound to ensure the driver will take action as soon as possible. It is very rare that a vehicle’s brakes will fail with no warning whatsoever.

Signs brake repair is needed:

  • Worn out brake pads.
  • Cracks on the rotors from heat stress.
  • Loose fitting pads on the caliper.
  • Missing or damaged noise insulators.

Some other signs there are problems with the brakes on a vehicle include, the vehicle pulling to one side or another when the brake pedal is pressed as well as if the brake pedal has a lot of play or goes to the floor with a mushy feeling.


GMC Specials

To help make getting certified GMC service at Cavender Buick GMC West more attractive, the automaker will issue coupons and rebates for various services and parts. These are great way to save money on the service of a GMC vehicle that serves its owners so faithfully.